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December 12, 2022

Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones in Nigeria

Tis the season to buy gifts!

Believe it or not, it’s time to start shopping for holiday gifts for your loved ones. We know what you're thinking: Where did 2022 go? But before you have an existential crisis, we at Klasha pride ourselves on having the answers to your shopping worries.

As a company that spent the better part of the year receiving orders, processing items, and helping Nigerians shop from their favourite international stores, we have gift ideas for you.

With the holidays fast approaching and order processing/shipping time changing rapidly, you don't want to dilly-dally. Start your Christmas shopping right away on KlashaShop by choosing any/all of the gift ideas below for your loved ones.

Home, body, and bath fragrances

Who doesn’t like to smell nice?

Buying your loved ones' room sprays, candles, diffusers, potpourris, body spray, or perfume is always a good idea. But you can take it further by getting them a select package with a little of each of their favourite scents. In addition, certain brands have custom-made boxes this season that you can check out on Klasha.

This gift idea is not limited to women; you can also get it for the men in your life, as smelling good is good business.

You can check different packages on Amazon from Nigeria, choose the boxes that appeal to you and pay in naira.


An excellent jewellery piece will always make your loved ones remember you. There is something sentimental about giving someone a piece of jewellery in their favourite cut or colour that makes the holiday more beautiful. Your jewellery options include, but are not limited to, earrings and pendant sets, pearls, rhinestones earrings or necklaces, bracelets, or studs.

Jewellery demand is no longer what it was a couple of years back. This means you can’t go wrong getting signet rings, short chunky chains, or even pearl necklaces as jewellery for the men in your life.

The good news is that stores like ASOS and SHEIN on Klasha have an unending selection of jewelleries for you to select from this season.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances make great gifts this holiday season. With a full house of family and friends, anyone who loves cooking will appreciate automated kitchen appliances that reduce manual labour.

Blenders, pattern knife sharpeners, sink splash guard, barbecue sticks, anti-scalding pot lid handle, and beautifully decorated food covers are some great kitchen tools and appliances you can buy on SHEIN and send as a gift to someone who spends a great time in the kitchen.

Hamper gifts

Personalised hampers say one thing, “ I care about you.” There is no rule about how big a hamper should be or what it can contain; this is because you can tailor it to the recipient's needs. You can add snacks and home or work items. Is the person vegan? You can add a book about making tasty vegetarian dishes.

Do you want the person to know how you feel? You can add a love letter.

Is the person a sneakerhead? The latest pair of Nike sneakers can fit in.

Whatever you do, ensure it has personalised items to which the recipient can connect.

Amazon also has themed hamper baskets for women and chocolate lovers, to mention a few. You can open your Klasha app to see what’s new.

Latest fashion trends

You can never have too many dresses, boots, shawls, or other wear. Everyone loves the latest fashion, so your family or friends will appreciate a new Zara dress, blazers, or Nike sneakers.

You can shop from ASOS, Clarks, Zara, SHEIN, and other stores on Klasha to buy your loved ones the latest fashion trends of 2022. Some stores still have ongoing Cyber Monday sales, meaning you can get great products at a steal.

Wish list

A wish list goes beyond what children want from Santa or what we tell our family we want on our birthday; if you take the time to think about it, your loved ones have been whispering the items on their wishlist to you all year.

“That’s a nice pair of shoes. I saw something like that online but didn’t get it.”

“I love boots but have not had time to shop for one.”

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Ask vague questions or pay close attention to your loved ones to know what they want.

Everyone has something they want but don’t have, so you can become Santa Claus and grant wishes this season.

With the holidays fast approaching, many took advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to buy Christmas presents early; if you didn’t, it’s not too late, as many stores are already offering Christmas deals.

Whatever gift you decide on, Klasha has different international stores; you can shop from Nigeria and pay in naira seamlessly. We also offer doorstep delivery to any location in Nigeria, so you don’t have to worry about customs charges; we’ve got you.

Download Klasha for your iOS and Android devices to be in the know about all the best Christmas deals so you can shop globally seamlessly. If you have questions about spending and shopping internationally from Africa with Klasha, send us an email.

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