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November 4, 2022

Do’s and Don’ts of shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Paving the way for Cyber Monday and Christmas sales, Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days worldwide. Businesses and consumers look forward to this day and sometimes the entire month of November to spend and receive money.

Black Friday is an opportunity to shop for clothes, fashion, electronics, or whatever catches your eye, as stores offer as much as 90% off fab items. However, with great deals come great responsibilities to shop wisely and get the best deals.

Picture this: Black Friday comes with full-steam anxiety. To top it off, you missed out on the items you wanted the most, and by the look on your face, the day just isn’t going your way. So you give Cyber Monday a shot only to find more disappointment because you’re not scoring the expected deals.

There are simple dos and don'ts you can follow to enjoy this season of bigger deals:

Do make a shopping plan

You know your favourite stores and the kind of discounts you're hoping to see. So you can get the best with less stress by making a comprehensive plan. Prepare a budget of how much you want to spend, get a list of the stores/websites you want to visit and in what order, and above all, get a backup plan. 

This will help you stay on top of the items you want and manage disappointment if it happens.

Don’t buy more than you need

One common occurrence on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is getting caught up in the “need to have it” mentality for the year’s most popular and highly discounted products.

Just because an item has 80% off does not mean you need it. Remember that list you made before now; it’s time to stick to it. Due to the hustle and bustle of these days, you can sometimes pay three to four times an item’s worth.

Do pay securely and be cyber-safe

The biggest shopping days also translate to big targets for cyber-criminals. So make sure you keep your funds and identity protected during this period. Shop from reliable stores like KlashaShop, where you can shop internationally from Africa, pay in naira, and get free doorstep delivery to Africa without worrying about customs fees and hassles.

KlashaShop gives you access to global brands like ASOS, Amazon, Zara, and others who have discounts you won't want to miss.

You can also create a Klasha Visa Dollar Card, which you can use to spend internationally from Africa. Klasha Visa Dollar Card can be used to pay for streaming and digital services like Netflix and Facebook ads. You can also pay for international transactions seamlessly.  

Don’t forget to split your shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

There are still discounts after Black Friday. Most shoppers want to buy everything at once, which might be near impossible on a day like Black Friday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have deals to offer. However, some products are better deals on Friday, while others are better to buy on Monday. For example, large appliances, electronics, books, and music are usually great buys on Black Friday, while Cyber Monday’s best deals typically include toys, apparel, and small appliances.

Keep this in mind when you’re filling your cart excessively on Black Friday.

Do shop online and save yourself physical stress

With many physical stores transitioning online, you can conveniently carry out your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping from the comfort of your homes. 

In the past, the only way to get the best deals was to leave home early and stand in long lines for hours while you were sleep-deprived, hungry, angry and thinking about your kids or pets you left at home or in the park.  Still, how many lines can you stand in?  Now, you can get the best deals from the comfort of your home thanks to global stores on KlashaShop. 

Klasha app users can easily shop internationally from Africa on Amazon, SHEIN and others, pay in naira and get doorstep delivery to Africa. You don't have to worry about custom stress or standing in lines. You can shop online seamlessly and get the best deals. 

After Amazon held the first UK Black Friday sale in 2010, the popularity of the weekend has continued to grow. This means small, medium, and large businesses will have something to offer their customers on those days and throughout November. So keep an eye out for the best deals this month, but remember to stay safe and plan ahead.

KlashaShop, the in-app feature of Klasha, will have huge discounts you don't want to miss from stores like Boohoo, Zara, and SHEIN, to mention a few.

Download Klasha for your iOS and Android devices to be in the know about all these deals and create a virtual card to spend globally. If you have questions about spending and shopping internationally from Africa with Klasha, send us an email.

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