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October 14, 2022

KlashaShop, designed for the ideal African shopper’s needs

When you have your favourite international stores in one app, you know you’ve struck gold (in this case, a world of fashion, electronics, and other forms of merchandise).

With global brands like Amazon, Nike, and Zara, among others, available for Africans to shop seamlessly, KlashaShop, over 200K app users now have quick and easy access to shop internationally from Africa. 

Unlike other shopping apps available, KlashaShop is a feature of the Klasha app, a consumer app that allows users to send money for free and create virtual cards for international transactions. If you’re curious about why KlashaShop stands out from others, consider these features:

How KlashaShop works

KlashaShop launched in May 2022 as one of the latest features of Klasha 2.0. Designed with the ideal African shopper in mind, KlashaShop helps users shop from their favourite UK and US stores, pay in their local currency, and get delivered to their doorstep in Africa.

The shopping experience is seamless

Buying from your favourite stores is quick, easy, and reliable. The user experience is smooth and designed to make online shopping as fun and colourful as possible. From logging in to the Klasha app to the easy-to-read directions on how to shop, users have had only positive reviews of the experience.

Different international brands are available

There are over 800 brands available and counting. With stores like ASOS and SHEIN hosting a variety of brands, your shopping options are limitless. So whether you’re looking for trending footwear, the latest fashion trends, or just window shopping, there’s something for you to see from the comfort of your home in Africa.

Simple and secure payment method

The usual hustle and bustle of exchange rates do not apply with KlashaShop. Whether your items are priced in euros or dollars, it doesn’t matter. Paying with Klasha takes out the equivalent in your Klasha Wallet. Furthermore, this payment method is secure as you don’t have to worry about credit card details.

Last-mile delivery

Shopping online is one hassle, and having your items cleared and delivered is another hassle. KlashaShop handles last-mile delivery, which means your items will be delivered to your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about clearing and customs charges or processes. It seems unbelievable, right? KlashaShoppers only shop, pay and relax. 

Klash’s goal of levelling the shopping ground between African shoppers and the rest of the world is coming to fruition with KlashaShop. KlashaShop was designed to help you shop cross-border anytime you want if you’re an African shopper.

Ready to join over 200K users on Klasha and shop internationally from Africa? Download Klasha for your iOS or Android to shop without worries. If you have any questions about KlashaShop, send us an email.

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