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October 19, 2022

Meet Klasha Visa Dollar Cards: Do more, spend more, and break payment barriers

Do you want more?

Of course, you do. A $20 or $50 monthly limit by traditional financial institutions is not nearly enough to pay for Netflix, Disney+, or Spotify, not to mention other international transactions for your payment needs and shopping sprees.

When we created our discontinued virtual cards with a $5,000 funding limit, we were holding up our promise of seamless cross-border transactions for African consumers, which is well-deserved as experienced by consumers in other continents. Now we’ve launched virtual cards with features that were definitely worth waiting for.

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of Klasha Visa Dollar Cards, our new virtual cards created to give you more options and a bigger spending budget when you spend internationally from Africa. When you want to make multiple USD transactions at a low exchange rate,  Klasha Visa Dollar Card has got your back, and here’s why:

Fund your card with more than you need

First, we broke the $20 limit with our $5,000 limit, and now we are expanding your transaction reach. Users of Klasha Dollar Cards can fund their cards with a higher monthly limit. As a card user, you no longer have to worry about curtailing your expenses. You can pay for online streaming services, such as Spotify and Disney+, pay for your online school fees, transact with your card on websites that accept USD cards, and do so much more without barriers!

Low exchange rates

You don’t have to worry about high rates as the exchange costs for Klasha Visa Dollar Cards are competitive so that users can make seamless international transactions. Exchange rates are not a payment barrier when transacting cross-border with your Klasha Visa Dollar Card.

Improved user experience

Redesigned for an improved user experience, you can use the Klasha Visa Dollar Card on different websites without worrying about your card not being accepted for online transactions. The new design means more options!

We know you are also euphoric about everything you can do with your Klasha Dollar Card. Well, what are you waiting for?

All you have to do open Klasha and complete the KYC process. This process is to verify your address which you can do by providing a utility bill or bank account statement for the previous three months. Your security is important to us as we want to know a little more about you to tighten the security of your card details and funds.

You deserve a bigger budget and the opportunity to spend internationally without limits. That’s all we want for you at Klasha.

You can create your Klasha Dollar Card in minutes. Simply download Klasha for iOS or Android devices to get started.

Send us a message if you have questions about Klasha Dollar Cards or any of the app’s other features.

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