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November 11, 2022

Where to get the best international shopping deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Let’s get one fact straight. Black Friday is no longer a day; it’s a season.

Sometimes, having tons of options can be confusing if you agree. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday creeping up after Halloween sales, navigating the stores you love can be quite a fiasco. 

As a shopper in Africa interested in buying from international brands and enjoying discounts, as experienced in other countries, it can be a hassle with several blockers.

First blocker: payment methods

It's okay to be worried about how to pay if you don't have a foreign account or virtual card; shopping internationally is nearly impossible.

Second blocker: delivery and customs issues

For international purchases, how do you handle custom charges? When your items have to be cleared, it is an extra cost, and even if you get that sorted, you have to pick up your package at a warehouse or pickup location. Home delivery is not an option.

Shopping internationally from Africa has been made seamless with Klasha. All these blockers do not exist for users of Klashashop. Now you can shop huge deals from Amazon, SHEIN, Zara, and others; pay in your local currency, and get doorstep delivery to Africa.

You don't have to worry about customs charges anymore. All you have to do is shop for the biggest deals and enjoy free delivery this season. Now that you know KlashaShop is the best place to shop, we've got a list of stores you can shop for international deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


On the heels of Amazon Prime Day, there are many deals to explore as Jeff Bezos and company do not rest, which is why there are early Black Friday deals on beauty, TVs, tech, and general merchandise. With up to 70% off products before Black Friday, you know the main day will have bigger discounts for you. So why else is Amazon top of the list?  To get the best Amazon deals this season, open Klasha, visit KlashaShop and navigate to the daily deals on Amazon.


#SHEINgoodfinds kicks off Black Friday with up to 70% off.  This means you can shop for different items daily at a discounted price before D-day. Even with the good finds, you can still shop DEALS OF THE DAY and #DAILYDROPS. Whew! What a time to shop! Imagine getting all the best deals on SHEIN, paying in naira, and getting free delivery. No need to imagine; you can get all these on KlashaShop right now.


With trending brands like TOPSHOP, ReclaimerVintage, and WEEKDAY, to mention a few, ASOS has got the November deals started with 25% off shoes and accessories and 70% off other items. So if you love fashion and want the latest designs at a steal, ASOS is the place to be.


The Black Friday pre-party starts at boohoo with 50% off 1000s of items: dresses, coats, jackets, name it. Boohoo has the new season designs at a discount. This is not just for the ladies; menswear also has up to 70% off.

With your favourite global brands starting strong, you know you have a lot to look forward to on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So if you’re ready to shop, you know what to do.

Klasha is the best for great international shopping deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire month of November. Download Klasha for your iOS and Android devices to use KlashaShop and shop internationally from Africa.

If you have questions about spending and shopping internationally from Africa with Klasha, send us an email.

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