October 26, 2022

How to integrate KlashaCheckout into your WooCommerce store

Is your business website hosted on WooCommerce? We have a clear guide on how you can integrate KlashaCheckout and receive payments in local currencies from your customers.

Check for Plugins under the WordPress admin dashboard of your store. You can find this on the left-side menu.

 Click the Add New button.

Search for Klasha Payment Gateway for WooCommerce and click the Install Now button on the Klasha Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin.

Click the Activate button to continue after installation.

Next, go to your Settings under WooCommerce on the left menu and select the Payments tab.

Enable Klasha Gateway in the checkout options and click the Set Up button.

Configure your Klasha Gateway settings as seen in the images below:

The following are also essential:

  • You can use these sample test keys:
    Test Publishable Key: hDaTHlTL9mt4/yu////J4aaf9d7SOEW1dkm7Rev28lSxwlaNjb07FQEIcj5KP7u
    Test Private Key: 9s+V4KNqCxfoZ20GNqfJ2IKjiTHSHxQ+D2M/0NH2bR7Bv8d7zIeGfBPHBTvvXgwI

  • The live publishable and private keys are obtained from your merchant public and private keys in your Klasha Business Account.

  • Check the Enable/Disable checkbox to enable Klasha Gateway.

  • Check/uncheck the Test Mode checkbox to switch between the live and test mode of the Klasha Gateway.

Click on the Save Changes button.

That’s it! With your Klasha Business Account, you can easily integrate KlashaCheckout with your WooCommerce store. KlashaCheckout helps customers have a seamless payment experience when they pay with naira, cedis, and other African currencies.

You can also send us an email to speak to our sales team if you want to know more about KlashaCheckout or your integration.

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