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November 18, 2022

How to stay cyber safe when shopping and spending internationally from Africa

Shopping and spending online can be so much fun. All you have to do is find something pretty, click the Buy button, and get a package delivered to your doorstep. Still, there is so much to worry about, especially in this post-COVID era of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, where you can get all you need with a few clicks. With global stores making pre-Black Friday sales already, here are five savvy online shopping tips you should keep in mind before you embark on an online shopping spree.

Shop from well-known brands

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and it is best to shop from retailers or businesses you can trust. You can shop globally from Africa seamlessly with Klasha. All you have to do is download Klasha for your android or iOS device to use KlashaShop.

KlashaShop is an in-app feature that allows you to shop internationally from Zara, Amazon, and others, pay in naira, and get doorstep delivery to Africa. So you can enjoy international deals and free delivery during this sales season without worrying about customs charges, foreign accounts, or cards.

How amazing is that?

To stay safe, shop internationally with Klasha and avoid unknown stores. Why? That’s because a tiny typo could land you on a fake site that looks just like the real one, which can unknowingly land in the net of scammers.

Do not shop over public WiFi or public computers

We all know the thrill of discovering a free network, but hackers like them even more than you do. Any information you enter on a public network is like a call to hackers. Beware of public WiFi, and this also goes for shared computers. Some websites cache card and personal details, which means your details can show up when someone else uses that machine.

Shop only on encrypted SSL (secure sockets layer) websites

Before you input sensitive information on a website, ensure it is encrypted with a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that begins with “https:” and a padlock icon like Klasha.com. Without these security measures, cybercriminals can easily access the personal information and data you enter on the website.

Shop with virtual cards

A virtual card offers protection as it is not linked to your bank account and has few personal details in the event of a cyber attack. You can easily create a virtual card for global transactions with Klasha. You can use Klasha's Visa Dollar Card to pay for digital and streaming services online, spend USD on different websites, and make international transactions seamlessly. You can easily create a card on your Klasha app and use it on various websites, as they are an excellent option for global transactions.

Don't fall for shopping scams

During this period, your inbox will buzz with emails of incredible bargains. This also goes for your phone and pop-up ads. Many people want freebies, so scammers send out viruses or malware in the guise of a gift or special offer. Don't open emails or click on links from addresses or websites you do not know. You can also receive suspicious messages that something is wrong with your account; make sure you always call your bank and never send details in response to such emails.

Also, if a deal from an unfamiliar website feels too good to be true, trust your instincts.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons can be distracting and chaotic and significantly increase cybercriminal activity. As you shop massive deals, make sure you stay cyber-safe.

You can shop for huge international discounts from Africa and create a card for global transactions with Klasha. Download the Klasha app for your iOS and Android devices to shop and spend internationally. If you have questions, send us an email.

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