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August 12, 2022

Shop cross-border from Africa without the online worries

In countries like Morocco, Egypt and Kenya, cash was the primary payment method used in online retail, according to a 2021 report. Most African countries still prefer making most of their transactions in cash despite the availability of other payment methods like credit cards and mobile money.

This payment method favouritism also comes to play with Africans trusting online shops. Most online users are sceptical of shopping online due to some shopping worries which stem from specific online experiences.

Driven to level the shopping ground between African shoppers and the rest of the world, the Klasha app has KlashaShop a feature which allows its users to shop seamlessly from well-known international brands from Africa. What this means for you as an online shopping connoisseur is that you don’t have to worry about some everyday online worries when you use KlashaShop: 

Card details are not safe from fraudsters online

Online shops are advancing e-commerce security, so customers feel safe paying for items with their credit/debit cards. With Klasha, we take this one step further as you have no worries when you buy products with KlashaShop.

This is because you can only pay with funds in your Klasha Wallet, which you can fund through different options, including a transfer to your virtual account number on the app. All you have to do is shop and pay without worrying about the security of your card details.

Online stores are not credible

Can you say this about Zara, Nike or H&M? Of course not. 

With KlashaShop, you will buy directly from the virtual stores of your favourite and well-known brands without worrying about knock-off versions of the trending items you love. If you want quality sneakers or dresses, visit KlashaShop on Klasha for trending quality products.  

In-store shopping is more convenient

Pre the COVID-19 pandemic, people might have believed the above statement. Absolute convenience is purchasing any product you want from international stores in Africa without leaving the comfort of your home, which is what KlashaShop offers. With just a few clicks on Klasha, you can buy electronic, fashion, and cosmetic products, pay in your local currency and get fast delivery to Africa. Easy peasy! 

We care about your security, convenience, and overall user satisfaction when shopping online, as we believe African consumers deserve the same seamless retail experience as seen in OECD economies. 

Download Klasha on your iOS or Android device to shop from international brands, pay in your local currency and get fast delivery to Africa using KlashaShop.

Reach out to Klasha support if you have any questions about KlashaShop.

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