Cross-border African payment solutions

    Klasha helps businesses across the world easily manage cross-border online payables and receivables in one place. Reach customers in Africa, or make payments from Africa across the globe with one account.

    Payment methods we accept

    Seamless African payables and receivables

    Sign up to Klasha Business to make faster business payments to partners and suppliers in 1-4 working days. We provide reliable access to market-beating FX rates with international payment security and transparency.

    Seamless integration

    Sign up for Klasha Business and generate your API keys to get started. Klasha Pay integrates on BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, Squarespace, and more.

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    Higher basket conversion

    Convert more customers with Klasha Pay; easy to use and provides multiple payment options to ensure you don’t lose sales from your customers across the continent.

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    Create a Link, Sell to Africa

    You don’t need an e-commerce store to sell online. With Payment Links you can collect online payments from your customers in Africa. No website or code is required.

    Klasha Wire

    Pay your suppliers or businesses from Africa in other countries without hidden fees or monthly charges. The supplier gets paid out T+1-3 in the currency of your choice.

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    Seamless African payments

    When creating a Klasha Business Account, you will gain access to the following payable solutions:


    Make faster business payments to partners and suppliers in 1-4 working days


    Reliable access to market beating FX rates, including NGN>CNY and NGN>USD


    International payment security and transparency


    Support for high value payments

    Guaranteed safety and security

    At Klasha, all transactions are 100% safe and secure. We guarantee high-level protection from fraudulent transactions.


    We are regulated in multiple jurisdictions and comply with applicable financial regulations.

    We are fully compliant

    Klasha is PCI-DSS and ISO-270001 compliant, ensuring maximum security.

    Extensive KYC Verification

    We’ve implemented the best systems to ensure your money is protected.


    Klasha is audited regularly to ensure our practices remain transparent and compliant.

    Data Protection

    We believe in transparency, so we’re honest about how your data is stored, used, and kept safe.

    The added security you need

    With our two-factor authentication, we ensure that only you can access your account.

    Numbers we’re proud of


    Transactions across Africa



    We are active in

    Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda.

    What our customers say about Klasha Business

    Klasha Wire has helped the business relationships between us and our international vendors by ensuring all wire transactions are fast, secure and settled on time.

    Truthware Solutions

    Deji Macaulay

    The company has been able to wire large sums overseas, and settlement time has been no later than 3-5 business days. Klasha Wire has been a helpful, fast and convenient wire solution that has saved the company time and money.

    Efugo Extractive

    Sulaiman Sadiq

    Klasha Wire has been a lifesaver. All our foreign payment problems have been solved. All we have to do now is provide naira and transact or effect our transfers with Klasha. We no longer have to worry about sourcing for FX and the banks' challenges to utilising foreign inflows.

    Toptech Engineering

    Zainab Olajuyin

    When we heard of Klasha, we decided to give the company a trial, and we have not regretted that decision ever since. With Klasha Wire, we've never had a failed transaction. All our business partners and suppliers overseas get their payments on time, and Klasha has the best FX rates.

    Pelton Batteries

    Saviour Ekiko